Unison Contact relay board

Hello coallegues

could  anibody  provide me with  setup manual for   Unison Contact Relay board.  I need  to  organise  a kind of bridge to BMS system - just  tell to change some states... I have  this  board and could  programm  inputs,  but  cannot  reach  any of 8 relay outputs..

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  • thing that  i  dont  see  a  any of OUTPUTS  appeared  in  P-LD. I could  only  handle  with  inputs. That patrs  is  clear and  works  fine.. Porobably  i have missed something  with hardware setup?

  • With a numbered contact input selected, look at the property editor.  There you'll see control, action, and indicator script assignments.  The indicator script function you assign to contact input one will control relay output one. The indicator function assigned to contact input two will control relay output two, etc...

  • I'm a bit confused...  practically  I  can see  and  assign  control  function and  indicator  function  to any of selected  INPUTs.. "indicator  script function"   -probably  it  is an option  and  doesnt  exist in  standard installation pack?

    also for me still not  clear  how to  control  relay  state from  PTS-7  button?  That  should be possible, right? 


  • Oleg, in your most recent screenshot of the property editor you will notice the control name is Contact Input 1, but the indicator name is Contact _Output_ 1.  The physical contact input doesn't indicate anything. The indicator function you assign here will control Contact Output 1.

    If this explanation isn't making sense, it might be easiest to reach out to the person that gave your LightDesigner training as they may be better able to relate this to your frame of reference.  

  • To  be true,  that  my first experience with  external I/O board among more than 20 projects I did before..

    I expected  similar  behavior as  for  Local contact I/O. But  it looks   much  different. 

    Control name  and  Indicator name  appeared  as a default,  I  didnt  touch  it so far..

    any  case  I have to  learn  and try...