Unison Foundry Relay Personality?


I was wondering why the Unison Foundry line does not have Eos personalities.  As the system that I use was originally configured, there were two UFR2 relays being fired from an Echo controller; but we bypassed that.  Now I have them in the board as a dimmer with curve 905 (full at 1%).  Just curious to know if anyone else has a different workaround, or knows why an ETC product wouldn't have a personality in an ETC board.

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  • I see what you're saying.  It's not designed to be used the way that I am using it; that makes sense.  Probably not a good idea to have the modes accessible in that way, either.  Although, since I am using it with a channel, I thought that it would be useful to be named in the table display,  I can certainly set that up myself, though.  Thank you for the input.