Central Control Server, ETC Power Control Energy Metering & Third Party Energy Metering

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What are all the ETC equipment that allows me to collect energy usage data with the P-CCS.

Are third party energy meter compatible? If yes, what are the protocols and specs I should be looking for?

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    You will need a P-CCS running software 4.0 or later.  You can do calculated and measured power usage from ETC products.  Things like a Sensor AF rack or Sensor IQ can provide that information back to Paradigm.  Something like an Echo Feed Through Panel would be calculated.

    • Measured energy: The energy that is used by your power controlling products such as CEM3. The energy is measured directly by these controller products and then reported to Conductor.
    • Calculated energy: The energy that is used by all of the individual loads in your system that are not controlled by a measured energy power controller. This energy is calculated based on properties that you enter in LightDesigner for each channel in your system.

      System Components

      • Measured Energy Controllers
      • Sensor 3 Advanced Features (AF) systems (Available with CEM3 v1.6.1 release and later)
      • Sensor IQ, Echo Relay Panel (ERP) Mains and EchoDIN Calculated Energy Controllers:
      • Paradigm Architectural Control Processor (P-ACP) and Paradigm Software v4.0.0 or later
      • Required Network Controllers
      • Paradigm Central Control Server (P-CCS hardware with front display and Paradigm Software v4.0.0or later)
      • Net3 Conductor (Conductor hardware with front display and Net3 Conductor Software v3.0.0 or later)
  • The EchoDIN range is a new one for me. Is the Relay module capable of doing measured energy?

  • Hi Fadzil!

    The EchoDIN range is indeed capable of doing measured energy management! I'm not sure where you're located in the world, but keep in mind that EchoDIN is only available for CE markets, not UL markets. However, if that works for you, then we'd be happy to chat more about what Paradigm Energy Management can do. Send me an email at Shawn.Fernandez@etcconnect.com and we can connect you with the right person here to help out!


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