Timed Inactivity pages


I'm looking for a way to make the following work:

1. During working hours the touch screens change to the inactivity page after a few minutes

a. Inactivity page has a pin code popup that throws you to the correct page according to the pin code

i. PIN 1 -> Cleaners

ii. PIN 2-> Regular users

iii. PIN 3-> Privileged users

iv. Etc.

2. Outside working hours the touch screens should change to the Cleaners page

a. No pin is asked

b. No page change after the inactivity period, so the touch screens should stay in the Cleaners page

c. You can login to other pages with a pin i. After the inactivity period the touch screen should return to the Cleaners page

d. When the morning comes everything should return to normal (Point 1.)

Any ideas?

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