Connect CEM3 to EEB (Echo Expansion Bridge)


i am not able to find any documentation on how to connect an EEB to a CEM3-processor in a Sensor3 rack.
For paradigm this is documented as it is connected by ethernet.

Are the two components connected through Ethernet, do i have to connect one bus of the bridge with the echo bus on the CEM3/Sensor3 backplane or do i have to connect both?

In addition:
is it possible to use lighting designer software for management of a CEM3/Sensor3 + Echo Expansion Bridge Echo environment or do i have to use the echo access app?

Thanks a lot!

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  • Hi Mathias, the Echo Expansion bridge will connect to a CEM3 via the EchoConnect protocol bus just like a station connects to a CEM3. Configuration of CEM3s is conducted through the Net3 Concert software. The Echo Expansion Bridge can be configured via the EchoAccess mobile app. What are you trying to accomplish?
  • In reply to LowellOlcott:

    Hi Lowell,
    thanks for your fast reply!

    I have the following layout in mind:

    CEM3 (in Sensor3) <----- EchoConnect bus ---> Bus1 EEB (powered by PoE and connected to LAN / WiFi AP)
    Bus2 EEB --> 10x Inspire Control Station (+1 power supply)
    Bus3 EEB --> 5x Inspire Control Station (+1 power supply)
    Bus4 EEB --> currently empty, for later expansion

    Do i have to configure sth. in the CEM3 for activating the EchoConnect bus besides space/zone config for the circuits?
    Is there any cofiguration tbd. in the EEB itself (besides IP addressing, which we would solve via DHCP)

    Considering the configuration above, do i have to activate or deavtivate the CEMs EchoConnect Bus Power (6U) on "Bus1"?

    What does it mean if the EEB displays "no connection"? Is there any kind of more in-depth documentation of the EEB available?

    And lastly: say i don't have a mobile device available or i really like it better to perform setup of the Echo Inspire Panels using my technicians Laptop, is there a software to perform this kind of setup (lightdesigner)? Of course i'm aware of the fact that this might have a much steeper learning curve and the apps might be more "user friendly".
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