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EchoTouch Controller Dimmer


I apologise for asking some very basic question but I am involved in a time constrained project that needs some urgent decisions made. 

I am looking for an architectural dimming and time controlling solutions. The ETC DMX Phase-Adaptive Dimmer is excellent for the lights electrical requirements. Now I am looking for a controller that is capable of doing the following simple tasks. 

1. Run an everyday program to turn lights on and off based on a sunrise/sunset schedule.

2. Have a single master input to set the dimming level for all the dimmers while running the timer. I need this setting to persist when the timer starts a new cycle.

3. Have a master button that shuts down the timer until the button/another button is pressed that resumes the timer.

EchoTouch Controller looks like it might suit my needs, but I have no experience with programming this type of systems. Is it possible to integrate requirement number 2, using a touchscreen control, in the timer function? 

  • Hi Illuminous Control.

    Can you define point 2 for us more?

    What protocol or other thing is setting the input level for the entire controller.  A DMX controller elsewhere?  An HVAC system?   We have lots of 3rd party ways to make changes inside an EchoTouch Controller.  We could add an additional Echo product that is tied to the EchoTouch Controller that could do UDP commands, contact closure inputs, BACnet integradtion that could all do a preset raise/lower which would likely do what you want.

    Also you are able to test out the offline editor of the EchoTouch Controller to try out some of it's Astronomical timeclock functions or anything else you would like to mock up.  Just download the offline editor version here:

  • It's good to hear the EchoTouch has so much flexibility. Right now, it would be ideal if the input was from the touchscreen itself. Just a master slider that sets the dimming level for the daily timer. Again it is critical that the master slider level persists daily. 

    I am exploring the offline editor right now. 

  • Hi there!

    Unfortunately, the concept of an overriding master, especially one that persists through timed events, isn't something we are able to do at this time. I understand this is an important aspect for you, but if you are able to work without it, we'd love to chat more!

  • I am getting accustomed to the ecotouch using the windows interface. I think the ecotouch can be made to work.

    Option 1 ( I think this works)

    Have  scheduled timed events for sunrise/sunset, which triggers presets. To set the dimming level the scheduled triggered presets can be changed to have 10% 20%...100% . No slider but it should work, correct?

    Option 2 ( I don't think this is possible)

    Is it possible to create a sequence that uses sunrise/sunset? That way I could create a few sequences with levels of dimming. 

    I don't need a slider that modifies the system on the fly. I just need a way to have a schedule that turns fixtures on/off at a predetermined level. If I have to do it using Option 1 so be it. If there is a more user friendly way to do it, even better.

  • Hi Illuminous Control,

    If I'm understanding you correctly, then I think both options are possible.

    In EchoTouch, you can schedule a timed event action at sunrise/sunset (or other times, of course). That action can be assigned to a preset or a sequence. We support up to 64 presets and 4 sequences in EchoTouch.

    I believe in option 1, you are looking to record several presets that have the same lights at different intensities. If that's the case, then no problem! You can indeed do so and then update your time clock with which preset it triggers as needed. The same would apply to option 2. You can record 4 sequences and change which one is carried out as needed.

    If you're interested in chatting a bit more about this, I'd love to put you in touch with someone who can help with your specific project! If this interests you, shoot me an email with your contact info and your location, and I'll forward that to someone to help.