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I don't want to sound like a dummy but-----I have a Smartfade ML and want to move to a Color Source to be able to use an IPAD.   Two questions 1-must I get the AV?  2-Also what is comparable to the ML,  the Color source 40 or can I get a Color source 20?  I am using 30 incandescent lights and approx. 14 color effects lights.   I don't know if the 20 has more than one "page" for the faders. 

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  • You may have more success on the Color Source forum as they are actual users and my be able to guide you toward what you want to be able to do.

  • To save the ETC folk spending their valuable time - Yes, you will need an AV console to use the iPad Amigo remote facility and give 2 universes. Both the 20 and 40 both now handle 80 channels but the 40 has more physical faders so only 2 pages rather than 4 pages of channel faders, but twice the number of playbacks. Coming from the Smartfade you might miss hands-on encoders. All non-intensity control and a lot else is by touch screen, which you may or may not take to. What the touch screen does do is make it a lot easier to develop the software.