Clear Auto parameters isn't working in Chauvet Colorado Solo fixtures, version 1,2 or 3. Nor in the Offline editor. Have to Home them.


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I've upgraded the firmware on ColorSource 20 AV consoles to the latest version, 3.0, as found in the downloads page.  With ColorRado Solo 1 (2 or 3)  fixture profile I can't clear the Auto changing in the Color parameter.  It deselects the fixtures when I Clear All or Clear Selection but when the Auto color changing macro is still visibly running.  Re-selecting the fixtures shows that it is still running and the only way to stop it is to manually change it back or to Home the fixtures.

I'm looking for a quick solution, because I need to program these lights ASAP.  Should I request a new fixture profile?


Truth C.

  • Hi Truth, clearing does not currently home non-intensity parameters (although that is planned to change). Currently [Home] would be your best option.

  • Thank you.  The trouble I'm having in 3.0 is that both 
    "clear" and "Home"  are clearing the "Playback Memories."  So I can't seem to clear the programming without interrupting the show.

    Further, a bit off topic, but there only appears to be one FX engine which is wedded to the Playback Memories or other running events. Because I can't edit FX or change Colors when Playback Memorie's using those Effects are running.

    For example, playback memory running with a recorded FX involving half the lights, ML Spots, on Playback 1, page 1.  Now if I want to access the FX engine to record a separate FX for the ML Washes I can't.  Further, it locks me out of accessing the third tab of the Color Parameter.

    Next, I couldn't get the Cues to run because it was "grey'ed out".  I did a hard reset of the console, unplugging the power, and then the playbacks were still greyed out.  I did something, maybe I cleared the Cue's and then I was able to click play on the Cues again.

    Maybe I'm not getting the logic.  Is there a logic chart that mind maps the reasoning?