New lights are not recognised by coloursource 20

Hello, today we recieved 2 par led lights and 2 moving head led lights from China to add on our church.

But unlucky the lights have nog been recognised by our coloursource 290 console.

On the lights is no type or brand, so we don't know  how to identilfy the lights.

Is here anybody who can give us some advise how to make these lights working?


  • By identifying you mean figuring out the dmx parameters. Or RDM isn’t finding them?  The best thing to do is look in the manual if there is one. Followed by saving your show and starting a new blank one. Dummy patch dimmers 1 to like 40 and slowly go through raising each fader one by one and wrote down what it does. Sadly channel one may not be the intensity channel. And sometimes another channel may cause the entire fixture to have no output. Example if dmx 0 is the iris fully closed then it has to be above 0 while intensity is also above zero. Also post a photo of the lights please.  For the pars we have generic profiles for various standard led pars under folder generic that will likely work for the knock off pars. Hope this helps. 

  • Hi Chris, Thanks for your answer.

    The manual say nothing, except SHEDS.  on the light it say only: SHEHDS

    RDM will not recognise the 4 lights.

    I tried some brand of lights, but than the lights are not good working. hey have an onw life so to say.

    Tonight I will go to the church to try everything you tell me, and make some photo's as well

    In our Colorsource library is no chapter for SHEHDS.

    I will try to update our controller, but I didnot see the SHEHD in the new library

    greetings from the Netherlands, Ries

  • Yes, it is the second one on the first row

    en the first one on the second row

  • O sorry I made a mistake, because the moving heat light is not a beam but exactly this type in led.

  • so the par is "LED Par 7x18W RGBWA+UV 6IN1 Lighting Professional For Stage Effect Atmosphere Of Disco DJ Music Party Club Dance Floor"?

  • Yes and the flat ones are:

  • I hope I am not stating the obvious but if you try Chris’s excellent suggestion to patch 40 channels as dimmers and see what each does, ensure the light is in DMX mode, usually having ‘Addr’ on the menu and this is set to 001. Yes, you may not get any joy fading one up at a time because if one is master dimmer and then there are intensity channels for R,G, and B, both master and R have to be up to get any red out of it. Likewise with other colours. A strobe channel can also affect the output, sometimes stopping the effect of the colours altogether.
    I have some inexpensive LED spots that have one channel for master dimmer/strobe combined that from 0 to 50% raises a white mix from 0 to full, then colour strobe from 50% to 100%. Only with this set to 100% can you get steady colour control which I guarantee patching it as a separate dimmer at full using a Independent and patching the other channels as an RGBY fixture with the console providing virtual master dimmer.

  • Hi Chris, I don't understand everything you tell me to do.

    Last night, I tried several line of the generic list, but nothing works.

    You told me to save my show, I did, but when I will open a new show, all my patched light are still there, so how can I dummy patch all the 20 dimmers?

    There must be a place where I can find the software for my SHEHDS lights?

  • There are a lot of moving Chinese lights like the one in your picture. You could try patching one as a Stagg Headbanger and see if it behaves as you expect. It might not behave exactly right but it might get you started

  • Well I tried over 30 different companies, but nothing will work. But now I found somewhere in the SHEHDS site some files, they look good for our lights.

    the file are called:  xxxx.ssl . Does anyone know how to get these files into our cs20 console?

  • the xxxx.ssl file might be firmware for the fixture - they're definitely not for the ColorSource console.

    I think you're saying the flat one is ?

    On the page, it says it has a 6-channel and a 10-channel mode.  The manual link is  but that manual only states a 9-channel mode.

    I can't find the moving light one searching on that website, from the US.

    All of this is to say - if you can locate a manual with a DMX chart, we could give you specifics about how to set it up.  Without that, you should try Chris / Stuart's suggestion.

    You'll need to start a new show from Setup > Files, New

    Then patch the dimmers.

    Based on that manual, if you set the flat-face fixture to DMX start 1, you will need to have dimmer 1 on, then try the others.

  • Hello forum members,

    Finally I got the solution for our lighting problem.

    ETC has an own program to make personally files for every light.

    So I put the data from the manuals into the program and everything is working good.