“Move Dark” no longer works correctly in v3.0.0.33

Hi all, I’m wondering if anyone else is having the same problem:  

I’m running a rig with 4 small moving light fixtures (MARTIN Mac 250 Entour). “Move Dark” previously seemed to work correctly; the console would first “fade” the fixtures to 0 intensity and then, once at 0, would “move dark” to the next beam and position parameter.

After software update to v3, the console now “always” will record beam and position parameters, even if the fixture is not active in the next cue.  You can remedy this by manually turning off the necessary “include options”. However, this is not helpful if you, for example have the following cue sequence:

cue 1 - using fixtures 1&2

cue 2 - using fixtures 3&4

cue 3 - using fixtures 1&2 again

in the above scenario you are not able to turn off “include options”, and fixtures 1&2 will not properly “move dark” during cue 2 (they will transition to cue 3 during fade out of cue 1). I believe this to be a bug in the newest coding. 

  • Could you share the showfile that you are seeing this issue in? 

  • Hi Alissa,

    I was working on this a little more last night, and believe that I've figured out the problem. I believe it is still a coding error with the newest firmware. When you record --> Update Live Cue -- the console will record the beam and position parameters, even if there are no beam and position parameters active (assuming active mode is selected in the record option).  Essentially, the "update live cue" function doesn't seem to pay respect to the record option selected (it may always be recording in "all" mode)

    However, if you were to record a new cue, the move dark and recording of the cue works as intended. It is only an issue with the update live cue function.

    Unfortunately I don't think sharing a show file will help to see this problem, because it only occurs when you update a live cue. It's not really a problem with the show file, but with using "update live cue" to record.


  • Thank you for the extra information. It was not clear in your original post that you were using "Update Live Cue".  3.0.0 software is not doing the same thing as 2.6.0. I will work on reporting this to the software developer.  

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