LED Fixture Not Responding in Cue

In addition to 24 channels of incandescent dimmers, we have a few Chauvet SlimPar H LED fixtures on a CS20. Two DMX runs through a splitter. The fixtures respond fine while programming and setting levels but do not work correctly when playing back cues. They will come on at maybe 10% but not to the programmed levels. Have termination on both DMX runs and have tried removing terminators with no change. Have tried removing one of the DMX runs. No change. 

Am running the fixtures in 7 ch mode. Everything else seems to work fine, including color programing. Just not when playing back cues. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

  • Do the dimmers replay correctly in cues? If not check cues master is full and working OK. Have you tried PARs in 3 channel mode patched as generic RGB fixtures?

  • All of the dimmers respond correctly in all cues.

    I disconnected the DMX cable from all fixtures and powered down then plugged it all in again. It seemed to have fixed the problem. Also removed all termination. So now I will hold my breath, click my heels together three times and hope that it was just a "glitch" in one of the fixtures. Thank you for the suggestion.