Beginner question: how to set up a cue including a playback

I'm absolutely new to lighting and ETC consoles and have a (maybe) basic question before setting up some lighting in an eventroom using a ColorsourceAV 40 console. I do not have access yet to the equipment, so I'm reading the manual and play around with the Launcher software and come up with the following question:

Assume I have one cue including some fixtures and two moving heads. For the moving heads I want to include a color change effect (rainbow).

Are these the correct steps to set up the cue:

1. I first set up a playback memory including the two moving heads and their effects and store this on e.g. fader 1
2. I set all other lights in channel mode, switch to playback mode and add fader 1
3. I store this all as a new cue

Doing so does not work in the Launcher app, but maybe I'm apporaching this completely wrong... basic beginner question as I said ;-)

Thanks for any hint on this, Tom

  • You don't need to record it to a fader at all.

    Just record the whole lot straight into the Cue.

  • I have a slightly similar question: i am trying to create a color bounce effect but the effects page isn’t quite getting to where I want it to be like. However, the playback sequence system in this regard makes this easy- it basically is kind of like the step-based effects engine in Eos.

    problem is, afaik when I record a cue when the sequence is activated/running it will only store the levels/state of the fixtures as they are in the precise moment I press record, rather than the full playback sequence.

    Am I forced to use the effects engine and spend obscene amounts of time tweaking the effect only to get “close enough” to what I want? Or can I set up a playback sequence that can be referenced by a cue?


  • Have the cue in your main list execute the first cue in your sequence.  For example, if you store your sequence as cue list 2, and you want it to start in cue 7 of cue list 1, then you would type [Cue][1][/][7]{Execute}[2][/][1][Enter]

    I would recommend setting the properties of cue list 2 to be Exclusive of Record, so its values don't get accidentally stored into cue list 1 during playback.

    When you want that sequence to stop, you can either give those lights new values in your main cue list, or set an Assert flag on the cue in your main list.

  • This all would help… if we were talking Eos.

    Instead we are talking Colorsource, which has a completely different software.

  • Of course you’re right. My mistake… love a forum that mixes posts :-/

  • At the moment ColorSource doesn't support 'linking' a Playback to a Cue so it'll run automatically - this is mostly because you'd need to be on the right Page and we thought it'd be confusing

    I'd suggest the best option in current software would be to record a Sequence and then manually raise/lower the playback fader at the right times.

  • Why would it be hard to do? Why would you have to be on the proper Page? Can’t they be indexed in some sort of array so that the cue knows which Sequence is being referenced? 

    the tough thing is that I’m trying to auto-control the console using OSC from qLab, and using cues makes that easy for sequencing the looks for a show. I haven’t quite figured out how to OSC trigger Playbacks with timing/fade-ins and -outs.