OSC command not working

I've been using the command /cs/key/ind2

I recently updated to and it seems to have stopped working.

I was also playing with setting a playback slider to a level with osc.

/cs/playback/11/level/x.  I get no response from this command.   I do get a response from /cs/playback/11/fire/1 



ColorSource 20AV

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  • Ok Richard, 

    /cs/playback/5/level 1.0

    This string works with a space , and the level depend on the value 0.1  0.2  0.3

    0,1. 0,2 0,3 (also works with comma)


    It does not do what  expected with a flash on this playback.

    If you can see my video here.

    It is the same with level 1.0 instead level 1

    CS20AV software version