Audio Input port colorsource av40

The Audio Input port on the Colorsource AV40 is rated at -10 DbV 316 MV RMS and 29k ohms.. Is it OK to plug in an aux cord from the headphone port on a TASCAM cd player rated at 20mW and 32 ohms? By my conversions, the resulting input would be -2 DbV, which is 8 DbV above recommended..  Worried about damaging the Colorsource.. TY, Rob

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  • We have a Soundcraft SI Impact and the manual describes the Mix Output as +21.5dBu max, which is +19.3dBV, I believe.. An electrical engineer has instructed us to be conscious of these ratings, so I always check.. I would love to be convinced that we could run directly from the Soundcraft to the Colorsource.  My preference is to go through another consumer or prosumer device that matches the colorsource.. We currently use Sound to Light through a DELL laptop which works great, but are trying find another path so we can multitrack record with the laptop.. thus the Tascam as Intermediary instead of the laptop

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