Is it possible to scroll backward through cues in the Cue List view?

When rehearsing, I generally have the console in Cue List view and maximized.  If the director wants to jump back to a previous scene, I can try to scroll backward through the cue list so see what cue number to jump back to but nothing in the past is visible.  Sure, the cues are still there.  And you can jump to them - if you know the cue number.  But I can't scroll through them to at least see what number I want.  Am I doing something wrong?  You can scroll forward.  Why not backward?  Is there a trick to it?

CS40AV; yes, current firmware version.


  • On the rare occasions these days when I use the cue stack I certainly find it very clunky for rehearsal. If it scrolled fully as you suggest and you could select cue and press GO it would be far easier for rehearsal and checking than having to press MORE, then GO TO and supply a number or keep pressing BACK which results in an awful cacophony if you have sounds. Perhaps you should enter it as a suggestion, or I will.

  • So it’s just not us not knowing how the console works?  That’s good to hear in an odd way.  The console is new to our community theater this summer and we just assumed we had glossed over that issue somehow in the training videos or manual.

    Hard to believe that a product this old would still need basic functionality pointed out in a “new feature request” but I’ll go ahead and put one in.  Seems like such a common and intuitive requirement.  It’s hardly a cue list view if you can’t view your cue list.