Setting a default "power-on" lighting state?


Is it possible to set up the ColorSource 20 to bring the lights up to a specified state automatically after being powered of from an initially-uplugged state? I'm trying to find a setup where I can power the board on/of remotely without needing a trip to the lighting booth and still have a pre-set wash on stage when it comes up.

Things I've tried:

  • Setting a default scene. This works, but the first cue is not run until you hit go, so all lights remain off after power-on
  • Leaving faders up. This does power the lights on, but at 100% full white rather than at my preferred brightnesses and colors.

Things I haven't yet tried:

  • Making a playback and leaving the corresponding fader up... I'm not sure if the board will start up in "playback" mode or if the faders default to controlling fixtures directly after a reset.

Any suggestions? Thanks!