ETC Colorsource 20 Effects. How to turn off?

I am just learning the ETC Colorsource 20 console for a school production. We added a lightning effect as a cue, but I don't know how to make the effect end automatically. Is there a way to program a "stop effect" into the cue itself? Any advice is welcome.

  • I had the same problem when I was first using the effect. what I found works best is putting the effects into a cue and if you want it to look the same when the effect is off then save the same cue twice and then edit one of the to have the parameter. when you change to the other cue and the parameters is still active then tap on it and press stop then it should work.

  • sorry I misread you question. if i am understanding right then you want to stop the effect while the cue is still happening? 

  • You do this with two cues, the 'lightning' and the 'following' cue that stops the effect.

    Once you've recorded your Lightning cue (eg 3.0), stop the effect and record a second otherwise identical cue for the 'stop'
    - I like to use a point cue for this, eg 3.1

    Now give the first cue (3.0) a "Follow" time.

    A Follow time tells the console to automatically run the next (following) cue (eg 3.1) some number of seconds after you press GO.

    Adjust the Follow time so the lightning runs for the time you need - be that once, twice, one-and-a-bit etc.

    To help with editing the initial 'lightning' cue, you can use Goto Cue or the Crossfader to fade into a cue without triggering the auto-follow.