Fixture Request for EK eprofilehp 2ch mode Could not find in library, can you please create a fixture profile thanks.

  • @DonAllen - I'm sorry no one has reached back out to you about your ColorSource profile for the eProfileHP.   I've looked into this and found a few things that might explain what happened.

    The link you provided to the fixture no longer works.  That may be the cause of some of the confusion.  When ETC went to go look into it they were not able to find the DMX chart from the manufacture (ShowPro).  Without that we have no clue what the DMX parameters are supposed to do or the ranges.

    That being said doing a google search it looks like Showtech changed their URL link and I was able to find the 2 channel DMX mode.  It's a fairly simple Dimmer/LED Frequency.  See pic below.

    Did you find a specific need to use the LED frequency setting in your productions?

    While it is always helpful to have the actual profile in a fixture library and named correctly, are you aware of the GENERIC folder in ColorSource consoles.  Generic profile are often used for simpler common LED profile types.  RGB, BRG, GRB, Warm/Cool and ICT (Intensity/ColorTemp).  
    For something like your 2 profile mode if you could have used something like ICT.  The CT(DMX 2) would have just controlled your LED frequency.  See below example.

    So maybe Generic isn't what you want.  You want to take it one step further because you are a really good programmer.

    Are you aware that there is a ColorSource Personality (Profile) Editor?
    It's very, very easy to use, especially for this type of static fixture (See PDF).  You could create the eProfileHP 2 channel and name and edit it anyway you want so that it makes sense for you.

    I even mocked it up.  Took about 3 minutes.  Now the only thing is you will have to load this onto the console using a USB drive and it only saves to your local show file, not the fixture library.  

    With your file saved for console you can load it into the console.  Direction here, very simple.

    Hope this helps you out!

    Chris Stokes

  • Hello Chris

    I put in a second request for the EK Profile HP fixture profile on Wednesday 2 March 2022, attaching a PDF for the fixture DMX attributes and asking for all 3 modes to be made so it could be added to the library in case somene else wants it, as there are 3 secondary colleges in Perth that have ColorSouce 20 AV desks and EK Profile HP fixtures.



  • Our standard turnaround is 2 weeks, which would have been today.  With the additional work many employees are doing I might think it could be a tiny bit longer these days. 

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