Fixture Request for EK eprofilehp 2ch mode Could not find in library, can you please create a fixture profile thanks.

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  • Hello Don, unfortunately we are currently experiencing significant delays and a substantial backlog of fixture profile requests.  It will likely be several months before we can get these profiles into a fixture library patch.

    As a stop-gap, I've created the 3 profiles in the Personality Editor that you can use with ColorSource console software 3.1+.  Please be aware that while I have done some basic verification with them, I have no way of testing with a real fixture.  If you discover issues with them, please let me know and I will make corrections.

    To use this profile, you'll need to rename it to "userlib.jlib" and put it on the root of a thumbdrive.  Then you can proceed with the instructions here: Loading a Custom ColorSource Profile - Electronic Theatre Controls Inc

    Thanks, -Matt Pumplin