Litegear Litemat Help

Trying to connect our Litegear Litemat 4 S2 to our new ColorSource 40 but not seeing that fixture in the list. I've been trying to use the generic options but it warms the fixture up in (the dimming works) but I need it to be daylight, not tungsten. Any thoughts?

  • Hi   do you have a manual or chart that shows how this fixture is controlled via DMX?  How many DMX addresses does it use?

    If it only uses two, you might want to try patching that as two dimmers instead of a two-address Generic fixture.  That way one of your faders is Intensity and one is Color Temperature (and just ignore the symbol on the Stage Map for that second dimmer).

    In this way, you can experiment with the Color Temperature address to get the color you want.

  • I've not been able to find any control information about this fixture directly, however it appears from the datasheet that it might be the "Spectrum" or "Spectrum OS2" that we do already have in the console fixture library (depending on what firmware it's running)

    Spectrum is a single mode with 5 DMX slots (Intensity, Color Temp, Saturation, Hue, Tint)

    Spectrum OS2 has a multitude of different modes.

    Or possibly one of the the LiteDimmer ones - if you plug it into an external LiteDimmer unit for DMX control.

    Litegear really don't publish much information at all.

  • Looked into this a bit more, and it seems the DMX control depends entirely on which LiteDimmer you're using with your LiteMat.

    So check which dimmer you've got and patch that.

    I think, anyway!

  • Thanks so much! Next time I'm in the studio I'll have a look and see if the Spectrum option will work as well