Live update and go for cues and playbacks

I think the biggest feature I miss from bigger consoles is the ability to live update a target. (Unless there's something I'm missing).

Re-recording a playback, one needs to bring the playback down, then up for it to take control of re-recorded levels. Updating a cue requires going to the cue.

Preferred behavior would be for updating a cue or playback to immediately have the target playback those levels, so hitting Clear Channels would have no effect on stage. 

An added bonus would be that the target label is preserved.

  • I think I've been thinking along these lines as well. Although, I took advantage of the current behavior this past weekend when taking some channels out of a bunch of cues by moving the channels to 0% and then going through my cues and Update Live Cue, stepping through the cues. It would be nice to have an option, though, since most of the time when I use  Update Live Cue, I immediately follow it with Clear Channels (or Playbacks) and then go Next and Previous cue to get the look I just saved to show.