• Live update and go for cues and playbacks

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    I think the biggest feature I miss from bigger consoles is the ability to live update a target. (Unless there's something I'm missing). Re-recording a playback, one needs to bring the playback down, then up for it to take control of re-recorded levels...
  • 16Bit Dimmers

    Please implement 16Bit Dimmers. Please!
  • Level percentages in stage map view no matter the zoom level

    I would like to see level percentages without having to zoom and scroll to see just a few. During a rehearsal or programing session this can be awkward. I want to see them at a glance even if the type size is small to fit them. (Perhaps making this a...
  • An accessory keypad - with buttons like the old legacy boards

    Basic programming of intensity of fixtures - so you can select 1 thru 15 @ 20 enter... sooo much faster. I still kinda program like this using a combo of traditional and static fixtures. Even when dealing with banks of movers - being able to just select...
  • Edit cue list times in live

    Hi, On my previous console (Smatfade), I could change the up and down time in the cue list view (via Smartsoft). It was really fast! (1 click) With color source you need to press - record - then edit cue list - edit times - then exit. It's too long...
  • Add "External Display" View to Amigo

    It would be helpful to have the same view is available on the external display as an option/tab in Amigo to effectively allow Amigo to be used as an external display even when the HDMI output is in use.
  • Fixture shape

    Hi, It would be nice to have some different shape of fixture to use in the map view. Thanks
  • Playback Sequences in Cues

    It would be really nice to have cues be able to reference or record from a playback sequence, as the built-in effects engine is really limiting especislly as regards to color choices and very fudgy with timing. either that or allow for custom effects...
  • Add a "Toggle" option to the button mode

    In playback mode, it is possible to write a scene to given fader. It would be extremely convenient to be able to enable a button mode that permits the button under the fader to initiate the playback (or playback sequence). Right now Flash, Solo, Solo...
  • External keyboard support for CLI use.

    I think it would be really great to be able to use an external keyboard for CLI. It currently doesn't even work when on the key-pad screen. I would also like access to color (Even if it was just the chips). I would like it to work on all operational screens...