• Sound to light fader

    Make the S2L intensity one of the options to assign to a fader above the display. If you have S2L running it’s quite difficult to control it when busking.
  • Fader movement to progress sequence

    Have an option to playback a sequence through movement of its fader. Divide the fader travel by the number of steps and initiate each step when the increment of travel is passed.
  • ‘Move in dark’ for playbacks

    An option to use a playback bump button to initialise non-intensity parameters before raising its fader. A bit like the toy can do but using physical controls and applicable to all the playback faders
  • Patch range to Independent

    Have had several console installs and set-ups where we've needed to patch 12 or more channels to an independent for things like relay power from an IQ panel. It would be great if there were a quicker way to do that than having to individually patch each...
  • An accessory keypad - with buttons like the old legacy boards

    Basic programming of intensity of fixtures - so you can select 1 thru 15 @ 20 enter... sooo much faster. I still kinda program like this using a combo of traditional and static fixtures. Even when dealing with banks of movers - being able to just select...
  • Sneak out selected channels

    ColorSource has Clear->Channels to sneak out all manually set channels (over the duration of the Clear Time setting), allowing playbacks/cues to resume control. I don't always want to clear all of the manual channels. Could something the lines of Clear...
  • Affect "record cue" to a physical button...

    Could be useful :o)
  • More obvious selection and display of inclusion

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    Many mistakes I make are due to unintentional fixture selection. Can the selection outline on the stage map flash or scintillate like photoshop? It might also help when recording using ‘Include’ to use a red flashing outline to show which fixtures will...
  • Fixture Library request: Elation KL Profile FC KLP412

    Hello, I checked the latest fixture library and found other Elationa KL series fixtures, but not the KL Profile FC KLP412. Furthermore, I was not able to find a profile for another fixture with the same addresses using an online fixture finder. So we...