Reset functions for Robe Robin Esprite

I use Robin Esprite Robe projectors and I would like to be able to control the reset functions. 
In the devices direct select buttons, I can't find any access. how can I control these functions?
When i check in the library, it appears that these functions are well implemented on channel 6, so ...
Desk Cobalt 20, soft version, library 16.3.1
I also would like to see the even and odd buttons appear in the direct select buttons, maybe in the next software version...

  • I wanted to say rather soft buttons instead of direct select ...
  • Hi Yves,

    Using the [Device -> Lamp Control] soft key or the [Lamp Control] hard key on the desk you can request the entire fixture to reset, lamp on, lamp off or lamp idle. If you want to access the rest of the reset functions there are a few ways to accomplish this. Currently, I have "spreadsheet editing" enabled on my live attributes tabs so I can manually set what the control parameter does. For example, this allows me to set fan speed control or only reset the gobo wheels without losing the entire fixture. In an attributes view, pressing modify on the "control" cell displays a drop down allowing me to select what I want the fixture to do.

    If you wish to be able to record the control parameter into presets or palettes and then create another mechanism within Cobalt to control it, check out this support article attached below.

    Hopefully this helps!


  • Hi Kelly.

    Thanks for the link, with the user buttons i'm now able to record macros to get the partial resets & all the control functions. Great!

    I still get a issue with live attributes tab, when i click on  control i get my global palettes list. Waths wrong?

  • Hi Yves,

    In the Play Settings -> Attributes -> Attribute Editor Default you can choose if the cells select palettes or absolute values by default. Changing this to "Absolute" will cause the drop down to show absolute values.

    If you want your default editor as palette you can still select absolute values by pressing [C/ALT + MODIFY] on the cell. I recommended this over the palettes/macro option as the desk will take extra percussion to ensure the control parameter is not accidentally tampered with while many things are happening in Cobalt.

    Hope this helps!