Can not seen any fixtures using the Gadget RDM ?.


I'm trying to program the modes of a Desire D60XTI. I'm using the Gadget together with a dongle. In Patch I have the Device Discovery set to Enabled. And the fixture gets DMX signal.
Still there are no fixtures popping up in the RDM device list.
Someone who has an Idea?



  • Hi,

    is this a Gadget or Gadget II ? Could you confirm it is being displayed with a Firmware version in "About Cobalt" like in this picture ("IO Firmware version") : 

    If so, what firmware version is displayed ?

    Are any DMX processing devices like booster / splitters or any non D60XT-fixtures between the Gadget and the D60XT ? Often a splitter or other third-party product that cannot forward RDM can be a problem.

    From your description it sounds like you are working ETCnomad / Eos software actually..just confirming you have put this into the Cobalt forum intentionally ?

    Kind regards,