Congo Jr Finding Existing Lights (addresses)

I am new to a High School that has an existing setup. No one at the school knows how to use it and several of the lights appear to burnt out.
I watched the youtube tutorials and was able to find and control most of the lights. We have three scrollers that I can only seem to access and control by going into an existing show. From there I am able to adjust position, brightness, color etc. and it looks like their dimmer address for one is 251.2. I saw that indicates that light is part of "universe 2" , but can't seem to locate it anywhere outside of that one premade show.

I have not successfully found a way to get any of those to do anything when starting a blank show.
Any thoughts on how I can find a device or dimmer (I'm not entirely sure of the correct term to use)?

Thank you for any insight you have! 

  • First, you mention scrollers but also say that you can change the position.  Are these scrollers or automated fixtures?

    I work on a Cobalt desk, and it has been a long time since I worked on a Congo JR so some keys might be different.

    Open the existing show that has the scrollers.

    Open the device list by pressing & holding [MODIFY] and then press [DEVICE]

    This should show all non-dimmer patch information.  If the devices are patched as scrollers, this is where you will see their template and address.

    Make note of the Channel numbers.

    You can then go to another play file and import the fixture patch into it.  First, make sure that there isn't anything patched in the channels that were controlling the scrollers in the other file.   {Browser}{File}{Import from} select the play file with the fixture info and press [MODIFY].  This should open two tabs one with the file to import from and the other your current file.  From the import file, go down to the {Patch} node Right Arrow to open it.  Go down to {Devices}, press [COPY/CUT] once.  Select the tab with the current play file.  Go down to [Patch} and press [PASTE].  A dialogue box will open up, press [MODIFY].

    You should now have the scrollers in the play file and be able to control them.

    If this doesn't work, post back, we'll try to help you some more.

    Take care,


  • 1) What I called a scroller might be the wrong name. It is a light that can change color as well as rotate around. In the existing play, I am able to use the wheel to turn them on and adjust brightness as well as pan and tilt them. I think under something like calibration editor I was able to turn them on and adjust their color as well.

    2) In the existing play when I go to Device List I see three of those lights listed. The columns are as follows:
    Channel - 3, Template - Revolution, Address 201.2 (-231), Scroller Roll - Revolution 14 Frames ETC original.

    3) When I hit Import From and then click on the existing file it brings up an import wizard with the dialogue box options "Import What, Start At, Stop At, and Offset"  I tried choosing "Device" for Import what and in my new blank show I see that Channels 3,4,5 have been imported. When I open the device list in my new show The address for channel 3 now says 201.2 (-204). In the live tab when I click on Channel 3  I see this in the info:
    Chase Effect*
    Device Address 201.2
    Dimmer Address: 3.1

    When I use the dimmer wheel nothing happens.

    4) I went up in the catwalk and each of the fixtures has a number on it. If I open a new blank show the channels should default to the dimmer address of the same number?
    I went through the first 300 channels to see what I could get to turn on.
    I confirmed that 9.1 turned on the light that was numbered 9 then unplugged it and plugged it into the outlet for 10 and was able to get 10.1 to work which previously did not. This tells me that the light in spot 10 is most likely burned out?

    The moving lights (that I called scrollers) are in spots, 2, 24, and 36. When I was in the existing play and clicked on channel 10 the info said dimmer addresses 2.1, 24.1, and 36.1 but the dimmer wheel does nothing to turn them on. 

    I tried opening a new play and going to 201.2 to see if I could get one of the moving lights to turn on and got nothing.
    One of the things we will need to do is have the physical bulbs replaced in lights that are no longer working, but I want to make sure those are truly not working before I make that request.

    I know this is a lot and I really appreciate your time in helping me out! 

  • You need a higher level of support than a few forum posts will provide.

    Where is your high school? 

    What level of support do you have from a teacher, staff member, or administration?

    Can they find a some one with knowledge that can come in and do some training.

    What you thought were scrollers are ETC Revolution moving lights that have a color scroller as part of the fixture and an internal dimmer that controls the lamp.

    Channel 10 (Dimmer addresses 2.1, 24.1, 36.1) was turning on the power to the whole fixture.  The existing show probably had this channel "PARKED"  or the dimmer output was inverted.  In the file where the Revolutions work, is the word PARK showing in the upper area of the video monitor(s).

    Channel 3 of the existing file has the fixture patched to the 2nd Universe in address 201-231.  The Revolutions have a three wheel address setting on the base of the fixture.  The one that is set to 2-0-1 is controlled by channel 3.

    To use the fixture, you need to import a fixture template and then patch the fixture(s).  The online videos can show you how to do this.

    The process that you were using to troubleshoot what was wrong with the other lights is very good.  Here is something VERY important to know.  NEVER touch the glass part (envelope) of a theatrical fixtures bulb (lamp).  The oils from your skin will transfer to the envelope, cause it to deform, and the lamp to fail.

    Good luck,


  • cphares_rev.csf

    This is a Cobalt v8.2.2 file that has three Revolutions patched to channels 3-5.  I guessed at addresses for channels 4 & 5.  Channel 10 has the three dimmers patched, and it is parked at full.

    Save the file to a flash drive and then take it to the Congo Jr. and open the file.  The Revolutions should power up and you will at least be able to control the one in channel 3.

    You may be running an older version of software that won't recognize the file.  Some Congo Jr. could not be upgraded beyond 7.3.1  If the console can't open the show, tell me what version of Congo or Cobalt software your console is running.  [Browser] {About}

    Good luck,


  • Thank you so much!

    Our admin is getting in touch with the company who installed the system to come do a training with us and to service any lights that need it. 

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