Mac 250 Krypton

I have 10 Mac 250 unites that i trying to use whit the congo kid , i have them patched as device ,and press ATRIB to   does NOT give all the M lights options , like gobo rotation and some other options . what i'm doing wrong or what do i have to do to get 100% control of The M lights .. 


hope hear from u guys .. thks 

  • The attributes button will change the display from the standard channel view to a view that allows you to see what each parameter of each fixture is doing.  To actually change parameters of your fixtures you will want to select those channels and then press the Focus button to adjust pan/tilt/etc..., the Color button to select from a color wheel or dial in hue and saturation values, and the Beam button to select gobos, prism, gobo rotation, etc...  Since you only have four encoder wheels, you can only adjust four parameters at a time; to access additional parameters for each category simply push the button again (Beam button twice to get to the second page of beam parameters, for example).

    Hope this helps.



  • I strongly recommend that you download the Congo Teabreak Tutorials and do tutorials 8 through 13 - patching LEDs and scrollers, palettes then moving lights.

    The tutorials introduce all the above, one step at a time.

    the download includes the base files -  if you open the TBT 08 asc play file, it's got everything done until the start of tutorial 8, so you don't have to do all the previous ones - although I would recommend starting from the beginning even if you do already know some things, as the tutorials show you a few different ways of working that you might not already know.