scenery disappears when blind editing

When blind editing submasters I'm running into the issue that unless a movable piece of scenery is programmed into the submaster itself, that scenery goes hidden when I want to edit. This is especially frustrating because all of my linesets are controlled with movable scenic channels, but this also means that I don't see any active lighting fixtures when editing this way if said fixtures are tied to the movable scenic channel. Is there a workaround for this? I need my scenery to be able move but I rarely if ever need it to completely vanish. Additionally, I've noticed that park does not work with movable scenery either.

  • Hi Kurt,

    At this time this is expected behavior, but has been written up for improvement. 

    My suggestion would be to store Presets that exclusively store the Scenic Element Movable (SEM) channels for your lighting positions.  Apply that Preset when working on the Submaster, then remove it before moving to the next submaster.  Two Macros to enable and disable these Presets would make relatively quick work of this each time.