How to write a Macro to select a gobo

I'm editing the Magic Sheet of the Augment3d Beta sample showfile to be tailor fit to classroom needs, but struggling with adding more gobo options. The current gobo options are swapped out by macros, and I'm struggling with how to input a different gobo into a new macro. 

Would someone be kind enough to type out what keystrokes/mouse clicks will properly write into a macro a gobo from the console's catalog, either through [Learn] or directly in the Macro Editor?

On the offchance it matters, I'm running v3.0.0 via EOSNomad on a Mac.

  • The way it is done in the light lab is with two macros. One records the currently selected light(s) into a group and one changes the gobo of that group. I did it by using [Learn] and cleaning it up with [Option+4]. The background macro is as follows:

    [Learn] [#] Click on Patch Window [Enter] [Group] [999] [Enter] Select Gobo [Enter] [Learn]

    the other macro is:

    [Learn] [Select Last] [Record] [Group] [999] [Enter] [Enter] [Select Last] [Enter] [Macro] the number of your background macro [Enter]

    At least this is how I did it. I am able to change the gobos with it, however I am still struggling with how to get this easily recorded into cues for my students to program a quick cue stack.

    Hope this helps.

  • Yes, it helps! "Learning" that first macro (instead of building it in the macro window) finally worked. Huge thanks!

    Related question: is it possible to add images to the magic sheet from the onboard gobo library? Admittedly, this may be complicated because I'm on Nomad and unsure where the gobo image files are even stored.

    And I feel your pain about recording gobo changes into cues - that's item #10 on my figure out/fix list. Will share insight if I ever have it. Thank you for your help.


    This will populate any gobos used in the showfile - based on patch and gobo wheels.