Dimmer fixture in argument3d...

i work in a theatre and 90% of our lights are conventional plus some selfmade stuff... we do use sofar vw 2020 for modeling. we would love to implement argument3d in a new for now for us exprimental workflow preprogramming the cues. and you know, some directors are straight to go who know already out of their mind how it should and gonna look like. but most of them are like " i need to see it first"-type. so, our hope is to get as closest as possible realistic expirience with the visualisation.

if i have something like HPZ 215 Niethammer or Arri Studio 2kw or a PAR CP62 etc., which are just dimmer in my patch, argument3d makes of it a standart s4 looking like 3d model. thats fine for me sofar, the availible adjustments make it possible to make it look a like.

but how do i realise a reading lamp above a table, which would be a dimmer in my patch aswell? how do i realise arri studio 5kw with licht-technik MB-Studio, Mag Max color scroller and Stargate bandoors, which is 4 parts patch, one of them is a dimmer. etc.etc.

and i do support this request:


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