Issue with Certified Fixture ? What should I do ?

Hi !

I'm working on Augment3d with the last versions.

I have an issue with some certified fixtures (especially Robe T1 M3) that are not oriented on the correct direction (they need an 180° move on the Z axis).

I explain : I think that the sides of the LCD screens and the wires are inverted on the 3D Model. I did this simply test to patch a Robe T1 M3 with the wire side in the correct direction and  without changing any attribute, I turn the Tilt wheel in one way : the reality and Augmented are inverted...

I'm quite surprised about this kind of problem with 3D certified Model...

So what should I do ?

Should I try to change the parameters in the fixture library and wait for the next library's update to change it ? Like this my focuses will still be ok in Augment3d when I'll update the library ?

Should I put my fixture on the incorrect way and I'll see what will it show in Augment3d at the next update...?

Just let me know if first of all I'm right, and then what I should do ?

Thank you !