3d fixtures move backwards

I don't necessarily expect any real answers right away with this situation but wanted to put it out to see if anyone might know off the top what to at least suggest I might be missing. I know it can be deeper than just a simple answer.

Small event. Movers and conventionals. I have the venue measured and all fixtures placed in 3d. Preprogrammed all cues with expectations of plenty of fine tuning live.

Well the movers pan as expected and tilt as expected live however no matter where on the plot I hold the mouse to focus the fixtures in 3D go there but live they go just the opposite. It appears the entire venue is backwards. I want everything down stage center and they all go upstage center, sort of. Not to the exact spot because measurements are not that exact but they do all go upstage.

I have rotated them in 3D, I have reversed pan, reversed tilt numerous different ways and no matter what I do they always go the opposite direction.

I even put them into a tilt manually live so they were all facing a certain direction live then went into edit and rotated each fixture to appear to be pointing in the same general direction, say d/s/l and when I exit choosing to save changes then home them and click and point they all go upstage and they also pan opposite.

Until it's figured out I will have to just do the old school manual live focus with each fixture using pan/tilt to edit my focus pallets because the event can't wait. I will be resuming tomorrow morning around 10:30.

Any input very much appreciated.