Importing layers or classes from Vectorworks?

Hi All, 

Is there a file type or a setting I'm missing that'll let me import my classes or layers I already have in vectorworks? I can import each class one at a time, but that seams pretty tedious. 

  • Hi ,

    Could you expand on what you are looking to do?

    For fixtures, the Augment3d plug-in uses layer visibility to determine what data to export.

    For Scenic objects, since you will need to export your objects into a suitable 3D format, the options for grouping and organization are going to vary by the type of object you choose to export as and the settings from Vectorworks' export tools.

    For example: Using Collada, you can choose to organize your exported object by classes:

    When you expand the imported model, you could then move/separate each class into a separate object in your hierarchy.