Nesting Moveable Objects and Focus Palletes

I created a series of 5 foot sections of Curtain for my Main and my Traveler Black and assigned them all as moveable objects that way I could have and open and closed position for the curtain sections and could program them to visualize live moves as they travel on and off stage from the wings. That actually worked really well. After the fact I wanted to clean up my Hierarchy in Augment3d by nesting them all onto a pipe that I labeled the Main Curtain Track and the Black Traveler Track. Once I nested the Moveable Object channels is completely repositioned my curtains and and the Channels and I had to reset the focus palettes since moving them in Edit mode did not seem to help reset the positions.

I understand now that anything I want to eventually nest should get placed before setting my Focus Palettes but is there a better way to fix this in the future or is this just a current bug in the software?

  • It likely depends on where the objects were when you nested them. Since you were using a Scenic Element Movable, if the object was offset when you nested it, the offset is respected in the positioning of the SEM. This is not a bug, but a rather intentional feature.

    My recommendation would be to organize your hierarchy, including nesting, before programming positions or ensure that your objects are in the position relative to the parent when nesting that you would like them to retain prior to nesting them.