Multi-cell Cyc units and Cycl Scenic Element

Is there a current workaround for creating a cyclorama in Augment3d. I know that right now we cannot change transparencies of objects and it does not look like that will be on the docket for a while. I have tried a few variations of throwing my cyc lights onto the cyc element piece in the Proscenium folder as well as just tossing it onto the back wall of the theater. With the grey paneling, the color and brightness of the cyc lights never seems to really show.

On another note, I know that asymmetric unit support is higher on the priority list for future updates, but is there a way to utilize multi-cell units? It would seem like that would give us a more accurate representation of the cyc, add some brightness to the walls, and allow a visualization for any multi-cell based effects that we are running. I tried to assign the individual cells their own position in patch to see if that would work and nothing came out of it.

  • Transparency, multi-cell, and asymmetric beams are indeed all on the list for future development. Unfortunately, I think you are just hitting the current limitations of the software.

    While not the same, I tend to avoid multi-cell units and just patch each cell as individual full channels and set the beam angle as wide as appropriate. It's not a photo-realistic representation, but usually gets the idea across.