Using X/Y/Z Focus

Hi all,

I'm having a bit of an issue using XYZ focus in 3.0.1. I'm not sure if doing something wrong or I'm being a bit thick but here goes.

My understanding is that using XYZ focusing will aim the light at a point in space based on X,Y,Z coordinates, so if I have a a fixture located at 3m left of centre line, 5m upstage and 6.5m high (position in A3D is -3,5,6.5) then in live if I set the XYZ coords to 0,1,0 then the fixture should aim at a point on the center line, 1m upstage of the plaster line. (btw the origin (0,0,0) is center stage on the plaster line)

So far so good!

In the Y plane and the Z plane the fixture is aimed at the correct point in space, however when I enter the X coordinate everything goes to hell. So if I enter X as 1, Y as 1, Z as 0 then I'd reasonably expect the fixture to be aimed roughly 1m upstage and 1m SR of the centre line.

Nope!!!! The fixture goes crazy and ends up pointing halfway up the stage right wall!

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated before I lose what's left of my sanity.