Beam width

We have some Ridgeyards that have quite wide (spread out) beams more like PARs when 1st up. However, in the ML control panel we can use the CAM FOCUS fader to narrow them down to some thing akin to furry spots)

Question 1: We sort of talk about beam width between ourselves because we have pounded in the fact that "FOCUS" is used by ETC to mean where on stage the things are pointing. What is the correct way to talk about beam width then?

Question 2: Watching videos I see operators changing fixture's beam widths (whatever) in Augment3d. I haven't been able to find out how to change ours. These variable beam Ridgeyards and our Cannons (which have a super large spread more like a scoop) all come out as neat spots.

Where do I look to make the beams illuminated target area resemble the real thing for fixed beams devises like scoops etc. and  how in A3D can we actually see the adjustable ones change?

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