New FPE sets are forgetting the position data of the FPEs 901 through 904

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I'm filing this as a bug because I think this didn't use to be like this...but if you add a new FPE set, the xyz position of the FPE's revert back to the default positions, instead of maintaining the positions the user has already set for 901 through 904. 

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    Thank you for posting the video. I think there is some confusion about what is happening in that screen. The FPE sets default to using Focus Palettes 901-904 for points 1-4. In your example, your first FPE set has at least 6 points defined and you've left the default focus point assignments of 901-904 and added 905-906. When you add a second FPE set, you get a new set of four FPE points and they have their default focus palettes assigned.

    The positions didn't move as you can see in your video when you switch back to set one. It's just that the second set has the default positions and data assigned until you tell the system otherwise where they are and which focus palette to use. You may want one or more to be at the same position as the points in set one, but the system doesn't know that so it leaves it to you to define where they are and which focus palette associates with which point(s).

  • thanks Seth. I understand now, though I'm not sure I agree with how it's currently working. If you set positions for FP 901-904, those should be the positions now, in that file. If you add a new set, and it defaults to giving you 901-904, they should use the same positioning you already set. Each FP is unique and each FPE point is unique so if the console is going to auto-assign 901-904 for each new set (which is fine) then it should maintain the xyz values the user has set because 901-904 are always going to be those positions now.  

  • Hi ,

    Because you can assign any focus point to any FPE point, the console has no way of knowing programmatically what you are going to do until you do it. I don't disagree that perhaps we should default to assigning different default FPs to new sets, but the XYZ position of the focus palette isn't established until it is linked to an FPE point.

    I would encourage you to post a suggestion about how we should improve this here: Eos Family Feature Requests - Eos Family Consoles - ETC - Community