When importing 2fered lights, addresses are being overwritten and Part2 not being made

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but the behavior seems strange and unexpected.

In my VW file, none of the lights have addresses because the console patch already does, I don’t want to damage that. I have 6 pairs of lights that are 2fered. For each of those pairs of lights, one of the lights has no address (like the bulk of the plot) and the other, I gave a random dummy dimmer in Universe 50 (to force a second model to be made in A3d). When importing, what I expected to happen was the light with no address would become the channel already patched in Eos, and the light with the dummy address would become a P2. I would then go in and clear out the dummy address. 

What actually happens is far messier. Chan 483, 484 and 485 behaved as expected. But Chan 481, 482 and 485 didn’t make a part 2, and in fact overwrote the existing address which is very bad. I actually had to go back into an old show file to find the proper address to fix it when I realized what I had happened.

VW file here:

Preparing Video

Download Original
Eos file (before import) here: