tilt movement of some channels followong these parameters from one channel

hi everyone. i have a question concerning a visualisation of tilt movement. we have few pan cans as toplight hanging in a row. there is a motor attached for the tilt movement controllng the row. first of the channels has part two for the motor. is there a chance to make them all follow the  tilt value from that one channel with part two in augment3d? i do kind a remember that if i subordinate the other channels into that channel with tilt parameter, it did work till some point (an eos update i guess). later i also tried to subordinate the other channels into visualised part 2, still didnt help.

one of my solutions was to give every channel second part with the motor fixture, but i would love to avoid it because in that case i would have to select all of them every time i readjust.

thanks in advance for any suggestion:-)

best regards, konstantin

  • Hi ,

    The answer will depend on if you need independent control of the intensity of each par can.

    If you do, your best option is to probably create a multi-cell fixture, but it will not visualize as PAR cans in Augment3d.

    If all of the PAR cans are controlled at once, instead of nesting the fixtures in Augment3d's hierarchy, you can move the par cans to be additional parts of the primary channel and retain the individual position spacing in Augment3d for each part. Then when you adjust the primary channel's tilt, the other pars will also tilt.