Why is augmented’s metric different in magic sheet when exporting position?

Hi, I observed that going from augmented to magic sheet the metrics (distance between things and fixtures) are not at the same scale, instead of 1000 for a meter in the dialog position in magic sheet it’s not that (a meter in augmented is 1.15 meter in magic sheet) it’s a problem for me because 2d is usefull to get a real idea of positions in space, also to get a schedule with metrics on it and more.

question is is etc able to change the scale of magic sheet or is it already possible to change this?

thanks for that !

  • HI ,

    I have a theory but I'm not sure I fully understand what you are seeing. Would you be able to provide a showfile with an example of what you see? (If you don't want to post it publicly, feel free to private message me directly).

    If my theory is correct, I think what you are seeing is that Magic sheets don't inherently hold a scale in reference to reality so if you are setting channel positions from a magic sheet in Augment3d, you would need to define the extents of the outermost objects in the dialog that asks you for min/max X, Y, and Z positions so Augment3d can translate the relative positions in the Magic Sheet to absolute positions in the model.

    Example: If I have lights 1-5 at position -2.5/0/2 thru 2.5/0/2 and use the Augment3d tool to create a magic sheet from the top down channel positions, I will get a magic sheet with 5 evenly spaced channel indicators. If I edit that magic sheet to instead make the channel targets 11-15 and then use the Augment3d tool to create channel positions from the magic sheet, I would see different results based on what I defined my X min/max values: Defaults (-10 min to 10 max) are going to have my fixtures spaced very far apart (with the outer fixtures at -10 and 10 respectively) versus applying the constraint of the known outer limits (-2.5 min and 2.5 max) having my channels 11-15 appear directly below my 1-5 (if I set Z min and max to 1).

  • okay that's more the way to correct metering in magic sheets

  • when I put a device at 1:1:1 like this

  • I would be able to correct that position when exported to a magic sheet

    but it shoes me x80:y80 

    that's okay if it would be 100:100 like we talking about centimètres

  • Hi ,

    We've looked into this and this is currently expected behaviour for the conversion. This sizing was chosen out of consideration for the optimal sizes of the magic sheet items (e.g.: buttons, tombstones, symbols, etc.)

    The conversion is 1 meter = 80 pixels.

    I would suggest submitting the idea of having the conversion be 1 meter = 100 pixels to  Eos Family Feature Requests