Separating cells from a fixture


It's my first time working with two colour gelled facelight, and so I patched it so that fixture xxx.1 is the warm gel, and xxx.2 is the cold gel. This works great with the way I usually lay out the desk, but when I'm trying to copy this across into augment3d I have encountered an issue of augment3d not allowing me to separate the two 'cells' of the fixture into two physically separate locations.

The way I have currently got my fixtures patched:

    ID     |   DMX
101      |     ---           (virtual master intensity for both fixtures doing facelight in that location)
     .1    |      3           (warm facelight for that location, physically the fixture is located stage right)
     .2    |      6           (cold facelight for that location, physically the fixture is located stage left)

However, when I go to place the fixtures in a3d then it only allows me to set a location for the (virtual) master fixture 101.

It could be that this is just a really stupid way of patching two-colour lighting, but it seemed logical to me. If there is a better way, please let me know.
But, it seems that this should be possible for a3d to allow, such as if you had an addressable festoon in which case you'd want each 'cell' to be in a physically different place.


  • Hi Robbie!
    I can see a benefit of programming this way for a Master Channel, but each cell in multicell will have shared XYZ position data.
    A way to create a similar use is to make those as Part channels, because parts can have different XYZ position data, but then you would lose the ability for your Master control.

  • You could make a work around and create a Fixture that has a virtual int and a WarmWhite-Parameter or ColdWhite-Parameter.
    Than make parts again...

    I would rather make 2 simple plain channels : P