Is there an UNDO function in Augment3d?

Hi all, this is my first post! It wasn't long after I began working with a theatre ensemble that I would begin working with an Eos board, and subsequently, setting up a good working environment! Currently, I'm working to recreate the stage of our building's theatre studio within Eos Augment3d.

Having worked in other 3D apps like CoSpaces EDU and basics of level design in Roblox, the environment was not that hard to begin manipulating and working with. Yet, one thing that those apps have that I can't find here is an Undo function!

The Augment3d “Edit” menu clearly contains your standard cut, copy, and paste, but an unexpected lack of an “Undo” button. To me, this feels like there is a mistake or an oversight. Even more surprising is that I haven't found any previous questions regarding Augment3d Undo functions here, nor is it mentioned in any of the manuals I've flipped through.

Is there a way to step back changes to an Augment3d model one by one if you make a mistake, rather than to load a previous save? Perhaps an undo function is available, but just presents itself in a different way on Augment3d.

If this functionality doesn't exist, I hope that it is at least already proposed and in the works! Undo functions are crucial to efficient productivity in almost every app I've used, so I'm crossing my fingers that it's not too far down the roadmap.

Excited to take my first few steps with lighting control!

  • Hi everybody,

    So, after reading the manual one more time, it appears that I missed an important line:

    Do not use Eos Undo operations via the command line while editing an Augment3d model, as it can alter your show data unexpectedly. Full Undo options for Augment3d will be implemented in a future Eos software release.

    So it appears that we have our answer there: currently, there is no undo functionality in Augment3d. This means that one should be very careful not to make mistakes while working, and save their showfile frequently, making backups before undergoing any major changes. Of course, this should be done even if this functionality does exist.

    Sorry for missing that simple notice in the manual! Hopefully I won't blow past any other important information, too…

    I hope to see Undo functionality implemented in the not-too-distant future, to improve work efficiency.