Light Render Difference Limitation in “Realistic” setting

Is there a way to increase render distance for “realistic lighting” option in Augmented? I am working on a large scale model, and “approximated lighting” allows for the distance I am trying to achieve, but “realistic” cuts off after a certain distance. The first image below is “realistic”, with no shutter cuts in. The second is “approximate”.

Images not uploading correctly, will add in comments
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  • Hi TJ,

    Unfortunately it goes beyond 50m at certain points, it’s quite a large scale project! I thought this might be the case. We have been switching between realistic and approximated to make things work, so we’ll continue to do this for the time being. Thanks for the quick response! Hopefully this might be an adjustable option down the line, for times when augment3d is running on a suitably specced machine. 

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