OSC Integration Questions

I am experimenting with getting the EOS to talk to filemaker via OSC and I'm running into some issues. I am very new to this, so it might be simple things. 

I'm using a plugin to send TCP/UDP strings out of filemaker. I'm directing the string (osc text) to go to the console IP on port 3032. I can send UDP commands easily - well, some of them. I can turn channels and groups on and off, fire cues, those things work without any problems.

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to get /eos/set/ commands to work, nor can I get command lines to send. 

I'm wondering if I don't have the syntax right? Assume the label for this cue is "test"

/eos/set/cue/1/1/label=test - "Correct" way using EosSyncDemo

I've found that using this plugin or a packet sender app, I have to add /enter to the ends of my commands. This doesn't seem to work on this one, though. 

I then tried to use a TCP connection instead. In filemaker, I can connect and the eos shows connected in diagnostics, but then my strings aren't arriving. Having the same issue when connecting via Packet Sender. This could be another issue.

So I guess the main question here is what should my syntax be to send UDP strings for the command line or for /set/ commands? What am I missing?

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