OSC and Luminosus questions

I am trying to get a Korg Nanokontrol Studio going with Luminosus and have run into a few issues and questions:


1. The Nanokontrol has a single rotary encoder that I had hoped to use as a level wheel. The level wheel needs a command like /eos/wheel/level=1.0 but the encoder blocks in Luminosus only send out commands like /eos/user/1/wheel/coarse/pan=1. If you put "level" in the block instead of pan, the command is not what eos wants to see to adjust the level wheel. I can create buttons that send the OSC message for up or down, but can't get it to work with an encoder. If you map the controller as a MIDI CC, then it sends a value of 0 if you turn it in one direction and 127 if you turn it the other. I can't find a way to fire off multiple OSC commands as I am turning the encoder. Does anyone know of a way to make this work?


2. I read in some other posts that you can assign the master playback faders as effect rate and size controls. I can't seem to get the correct OSC commands to control the master playback faders though. From what I saw in the Show Control document, the commands to do this would be /eos/fader/0/1=??. I can get a MIDI control input to send that specific OSC command and eos diagnostics doesn't show any errors when the commands are received. However, it doesn't appear to make the faders move at all. Is this the correct command to control those two faders?

3. When I configure the master faders in the fader config page they appear as Effect Rate and Effect Size, but when i move them they don't change an effect that I have created manually. Does that feature only apply to effects running into the cue list loaded on the fader pair?