EOS Nomad Encoder manupulation

Hey Guys,

I use two different sorts of computers with a multitouchscreen. 1st one is a Acer AIO and 2nd one, is a Surface Book 2, what is new to me.

I found out with the Asus, that you can "turn" an encoder, by moving the mousecursor over an encoder in the ML Control and scroll with the mousewheel up and down. This works with the touchpad, of the Surface as well, but the problem is, that is very slow, because the "angel of turning" the encoder, is very small. So I tried to increase the percentage while turning in the EOS setup, but there was no effect to the "turning" speed.

I also can use, the ML Control with the touchmonitor, but its not accurate enough for me (yes, I know, that the distance from the middle is modifying the intensity of your manupulation).

For the Surface there is a gadget called Surface Dial, which you can programm free. Possible is A-Z, 0-9, different marks you can type with your keyboards and different combinations. It is similar to Griffin Power Mate.

Does anyone know, which !Windows Command!, or keycombination is used, to manupulate the encoder, or how I can write a Macro in EOS, to move an encoder?

Many thanks to you,


  • It should possible to increase wheel speed in the systems setting of the mouse in WIN10 preferences.
    I think the settings in EOS setup are only for console hardware.

  • Hey SSTAUB, thanks, I will defintifly test that, but, it would be only be a solution for my Asus with a mouse, what would be great although.So many thanks to you.

    But, what I try to find out, is a solution, to "build" an "encoder" without a mouse.

    I would like to know, which command an EOS encoder is sending to windows. Not "1000111010101", but "page up", "left", "cmd+t" or something like that. All my tries with "page up" etc .wasn't succesful, yet.

  • I think there is no solution to control the EOS encoders directly with a surface dial. Maybe there is a workaround using OSCWidget or luminosus with OSC. It should also possible to send MIDI commands with the surface dial.

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