ETCnomad Student Package - Control options?

Dear all,

I am looking into purchasing the ETCnomad student package, but I would like to have some physical faders to control the software (ideally Hog4PC).

As I understood, and correct me if I'm wrong, MIDI control is not supported in the student version, which leads me to several questions:

- Is there a work-around to use a MIDI-controller with the ETCnomad Student Package?

- Is there a work-around to have physical faders for the ETCnomad Student Package using #lighthack and OSC? Does this also work for the Hog software?

- If the answer to above questions is no; how much would it be to upgrade the student edition to have MIDI control supported?

I already contacted Customer Support with these questions, but unfortunately without any response, I am hoping to get some more answers on this forum :)

Thank you all for your input!