Follows creating TC Events

Hi Friends,

I was recently gifted a showfile that was “dirty timecoded” (meaning it was followed to hell with specific timing and increments). The company now has infrastructure to integrate TC and would like to as it is a more elegant solution.

i have discovered that I cannot use my Learn TC macro and just let the show run, as the follows do not create events in the TC list, without executing a Macro at each cue, or hitting the button myself and then going back to manually manipulate the data.

I know this is a very specific use case, however was curious if anyone had any insight on a workaround, or if this is worthy of a feature request.

Ion XE20 12k running 2.8.3, also tested offline on Nomad running 2.9

  • Its probably not worth it unless the number of events is really large but you could probably take an OSC output from the desk, feed it through osc router and then into your nomads with a copy of the show (with the follows deleted) with it triggering each cue normally (rather than from the follows) where you could record the timing.

    As I say unless its a big task to do manually or you are going to do this a lot its probably not worth the setup effort, although might be a good learning exercise for something else in the future.

  • Someone much more savvy with Excel than I (thank you Sean Beach) sent me a file with a formula to help. Current workaround is to trigger a blank dummy macro on each cue, so the time stamp is right. Then I go back and manually change action to accurate cue execution. 

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