Connecting ETC and Qlab on the same device using localhost.


I'm having some trouble trying to connect Qlab and ETC Nomad together on the same device. 

I have the ETC Student Nomad dongle and I'm wanting to trigger cues from Qlab on ETC on my computer. I have been able to connect Qlab to an ETC ion through OSC however I haven't been able to do so to the ETC software on my computer through OSC. What I am wanting to be able to to is cue all of my lighting cues from Qlab, with Qlab and ETC running on my computer simultaneously.

I was wondering if it is possible to make the two programs talk using localhost, so that I don't have to have an ethernet or wifi network. Some context for this, the show I am on is going overseas so I want to be able to run everything off my own laptop. Is it possible to make ETC and Qlab talk on localhost? The trouble I have faced is giving the ETC software an IP address to talk on as there is no network. 

I have also tried using the ETC OSC router but have not had any success (although I am not 100% on how to use this program). 

I have read a lot of discussions on connecting Qlab and ETC however none have been done so through localhost - I'd love to know if anyone has any solutions to this! 


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  • You can run it all on the computer and you don't actually need a connection to any network,  just a network interface connected as Apple appears to have decided to save memory by not loading the tcpip stack if no network interface is present.   So you just need a wire connected to fool it.

    Almost anything will do eg a $25 wifi access point not connected to anything or a network hub (although with a mac you'll need a USB etthernet adaptor). 

    I guess you are using a gadget rather than sACN/artnet to connect to the rig as if you are using the later you'd have a network and then it would then just work.